48 hours in Montreal with Cosimo Commisso

Cosimo Commisso shares the must-try itinerary for when you only have two days in this Canadian hot spot Montreal is a popular weekend getaway not only for Canadians but also for international travellers. Iconic in its history-steeped charm, unique French identity and endless options for things to do, Montreal is something every jet-setter must cross off their lists. When you visit, be sure to stop by these landmarks for a true French-Canadian experience.

Fairmount Bagel

Besides its poutine, Montreal’s cuisine scene is known for its bagels. Fairmount Bagel has handcrafted the round delicacies since 1919, and its products are legendary. Stop by for a Cosimo Commisso-approved morning treat, or snag a whole bag to take home. Fairmount Bagel

Mount Royal

For the best view of the city, you can hike, bike or drive up to one of the lookouts on Mount Royal. This small mountain overlooks all of Montreal and the scene from up above is absolutely breathtaking. To avoid crowds of tourists, opt for a breakfast picnic or a romantic starlit date.

Schwartz’s Deli

This deli — the oldest in Canada — serves up world-famous smoked meat sandwiches. It’s so famous it’s even inspired a play, Schwartz’s: The Musical. If that’s not enough to get you to stop by, I don’t know what is. Schwartz’s Deli


Vieux-Montréal, or Old Montreal, may be one of the busiest tourist spots in the city but it’s always worth a visit — even if you’ve been there a thousand times. The cobblestone streets and old-world architecture will transport you to a charming European neighbourhood. Secure a spot on a patio and sip some sangria after shopping its unique boutiques. Vieux-Montréal

Notre-Dame Basilica

No matter how religious you are this historic church is an absolute must-see. Its Gothic Revival architecture will take your breath away, as will the overwhelming sense of serenity that lives inside. Visit it to culturally invigorate your Montreal experience. Notre-Dame Basilica Happy exploring!

Cosimo Commisso

Cosimo Commisso’s love for food started from an early age as he learned by his Grandmothers side. She did not have a fancy cooking school diploma on her wall, yet she was taught by her own Calabrese Grandma. Cosimo Commisso’s cooking skills have slowly but surely been perfected over the years so much so that this website is his first attempt to document and compile enough recipes for his first cooing book. Salute!