Cosimo Commisso Christmas

Cosimo Commisso and the Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 12

In an era when everyone is blessed with too many possessions, the only thing they will truly cherish is a life experience. So, follow me on a journey that you or a loved one will want to experience as you make your way to Christmas day. cosimo-commisso-twelve-days-of-christmas-day-12-hallway

The Four Seasons Hotel Firenze
Christmas time at the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze in Florence, Italy, is a magical and fascinating experience. Imagine a dream-like setting where attention to detail is everywhere and the luxury elements will spoil even the most hard-to-please patrons. So here it is: Cosimo Commisso’s not-to-be missed Christmas events in Florence and other travel destinations. Here you are going to experience the magic of Christmas, Renaissance art, the many unique shops that make it that much easier to go on a shopping spree, the view of the bridges with the festive street lights, a sight you will not soon forget. After the shopping and sightseeing, you will rejoice at the thought of returning to the Four Seasons for a spa treatment, but not before the tea and delicious culinary recipes. Cosimo Commisso Christmas Cosimo Commisso Christmas in Italy Food Michelin-star chef Vito Mollica’s creative dishes will make you sing Christmas carols as you dine or lunch at Il Palagio, with an indoor and outdoor setting in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. If you are here on Christmas Eve, you will be treated to a delicious fish-based dinner featuring artichoke risotto with red mullet, brodetto and John Dory filled with brown rice and pumpkin cream. The menu for Christmas Day is usually a good balance of traditional and creative flair, with tortellini beef consommé and veal fillet with fruit pickles and pumpkin cream. But save room for dessert. The creations of chef Domenico Di Clemente are pleasing to both the eye and the palate. You will be glad you did. I have never tasted a more delicious homemade panettone like the one here. (For my version of the panettone recipe, a quick Google search for “Cosimo Commisso Delicious Panettone Recipe” will bring you to the appropriate page.) cosimo-commisso-twelve-days-of-christmas-day-12-room Cosimo Commisso Italy Since this is the time of year when we have to share our blessings with loved ones, why not treat them to a Four Seasons gift voucher? Whether it’s for a spa treatment, a dinner in an intimate setting or traditional homemade Christmas cake made by the man himself, Domenico Di Clemente (which comes in a beautiful gift box with the name of the recipient) a gift certificate to the Four Seasons makes for an unforgettable gift idea. Well, what do you know. I just got handed such a package with a handwritten note — “Per il Signor Cosimo Commisso” — just as I was leaving the hotel and heading to the airport.

Cosimo Commisso

Cosimo Commisso’s love for food started from an early age as he learned by his Grandmothers side. She did not have a fancy cooking school diploma on her wall, yet she was taught by her own Calabrese Grandma. Cosimo Commisso’s cooking skills have slowly but surely been perfected over the years so much so that this website is his first attempt to document and compile enough recipes for his first cooing book. Salute!