Cosimo Commisso on Dominus Estate’s “Dominus” 2012

Cosimo Commisso on Dominus Estate’s “Dominus” 2012, the Napa Valley-based winery’s signature production Dominus Estate in Napa Valley is the source of more than one of my favourite wines, not only because the wine itself is superb, but because the winery has such a poignant history and such an incredible respect for its craft that it can almost be tasted in its product. The estate’s namesake wine, Dominus, is known for its complexity and balance, having been grown on an exceptional terroir. While one of my other selects from this winery — the Napanook 2012 — is more of a casual wine, the Dominus is a more elegant choice that enriches with age. Cosimo Commisso on Dominus Estate’s “Dominus” 2012 The 2012 is comprised of 93% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Cabernet Franc and 5% Petit Verdot, and entices with hints of lavender, Asian spices and cedar, creating an experience that’s as racy as it is refined. Having enjoyed the same flawless growing season as the Napanook 2012, the Dominus 2012 came out a well-rounded wine charged with character. Dominus Estate recommends decanting the wine before serving it in order to allow it to develop to its full potential — an important ritual especially with young Dominus wines. Cosimo Commisso on Dominus Estate’s “Dominus” 2012 Wine critic Robert Parker gave the Dominus 2012 a score of 98%, describing it as “full-bodied and opulent, with no hard edges” — so really, wine lovers are left with no choice but to add it to their “to drink” list. Save it for your next romantic evening in, or the summertime soirée you’re planning. Cosimo Commisso on Dominus Estate’s “Dominus” 2012 With love, Cosimo Commisso

Cosimo Commisso

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