Podere Poggio Scalette winery in the township of Greve, Italy

Podere Poggio Scalette Il Carbonaione 2010 with Cosimo Commisso

Podere Poggio Scalette is a storied winery located on the hill of Ruffoli in the township of Greve, Italy. Owned and operated by Vittorio Fiore and his wife, Adriana Assjè di Marcorà, who acquired the land in 1991, it’s a gorgeous place that produces even more gorgeous wine. Podere Poggio Scalette’s Il Carbonaione is its signature variety.

Cosimo Commisso's personal favourite of the winery’s entire roster.

Podere Poggio Scalette winery This brilliant wine is named after what the locals always used to call the Scalette terraces and vineyards — “Il Carbonaione” — which were the first to be planted in the decade following the First World War. Fiore spent years studying and working towards this wine, a delicious blend of two of Podere Poggio Scalette’s vineyards, Sangiovese and Ruffoli, both of which are over 80 years old. Furthering the character of the Il Carbonaione variety, it has become a joint passion project of both Fiore and his son Jurij. Both are dedicated to continue perfecting this wine into one of depth and elegance that reflects its rich terroir.

Cosimo Commisso

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