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China is One of Cosimo Commisso’s Favorite Places to Travel

China is one of my favourite places to travel. The entire country is so saturated with culture, from fascinating architecture (both modern and ancient) to adventurous cuisine and history-steeped landscapes. If you’ve never been to China, consider this quick video your call to action — and if you have, I hope you’re inspired to return one day and once again experience the unforgettable destination that is this stunning, world-class hub.

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Cosimo Commisso Share Short Video to Travel the World to Visit such Beautiful Scenes.

This world is a beautiful place. Every landscape, from snowcapped mountaintop to sunset horizon, has it’s own treasures, just waiting to be discovered. I hope this short video will inspire you to unplug from your hectic every day life from time to time, and take the opportunity to travel the world to visit such beautiful scenes.

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Mountains and Modern Architecture Aerials

A Week Down Under Australia with Cosimo Commisso

Two Days in the 6ix with Cosimo Commisso

Weekend in Toronto with Cosimo Commisso
Cosimo Commisso plans out your perfect weekend in Toronto, Canada

Toronto — or, as Drake has so famously christened it, “the 6ix” — seems to have exploded with popularity these past few years. From its presence in the sports world to its ever-evolving urban landscape, Toronto has blossomed into an international destination, earning its rightful place on everyone’s travel bucket list.

Whether you live in Toronto or are planning to visit it sometime soon, here are my favourite ways to spend a weekend in this electrifying Canuck city.


Grab a coffee and a ham-and-cheese croissant from Sam James Coffee Bar. Sam has locations across the city, but I recommend stopping by his brand-new shop just across from Trinity Bellwoods Park. Tip: their almond milk lattes will change your world.

(Carefully) cross the street and set up a breakfast picnic in the park. What better way to savour your first morning in Toronto than by enjoying your caffeine in one of the city’s favourite parks? Lay down a blanket in the grass by the dog bowl or find a picnic table to lounge at.

Take a stroll down Queen Street West. If you turn right from Bellwoods, you’ll find yourself in Toronto’s “West Queen West” neighbourhood — yes, the one Vogue recently named the second-hippest ‘hood in the world. If you turn left, you’ll slowly make your way towards the city’s core. Either way, this is your chance to explore Toronto’s most iconic avenue and do a bit of window (or real) shopping.

Lunch at The Good Son. This is one of the best restaurants in the West End. A few TIFFs ago, Jennifer Aniston was spotted dining here, and it’s no wonder why: The Good Son has lovingly embraced the culture of its neighbourhood, and its scrumptious menu (crafted by Top Chef Canada finalist Vittorio Colacitti) is as irresistible as the space’s cross-cultural collage of cosiness and intrigue.

Rent a bike and ride to Kensington Market. This is the kitschiest place in Toronto. Prepare to fall for the bohemian, earthy vibes and low-cost, lovely products of the shops that are crammed into this little corner of Chinatown.

Next stop: Java House. Just south of Kensington Market, at Queen and Augusta, is this ancient-looking dive bar with the cheapest, tastiest sangria in town. I know what you’re thinking – Cosimo Commisso, wine connoisseur, recommending the sangria at a low-cost downtown bar? Just trust me — this place is a must-try in Toronto. Try to snag a spot on the patio and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city as you enjoy residents’ favourite sangria.

Dinner and a show at The Drake. Another iconic restaurant in Toronto is The Drake. Snazzy and chic, the space will inspire you and so will its dishes. After dinner, check out what’s happening in the basement — the stage downstairs is always hosting local bands that are totally worth checking out.

Slumber at The Gladstone Hotel. A historic Toronto landmark, this old hotel was revamped by various artists, each of whom took over a room and decorated it as they pleased. Find a room that speaks to you and enjoy being a part of a life-sized art installation for a night.


Wake up and head to High Park. There’s a grocery store behind The Gladstone. Stop by to fill your backpacks with some breakfast ingredients, then walk, bike or take transit a few kilometers west, to High Park. Spend your morning taking in the beautiful scenery as you explore this sprawling pocket of Canadian nature.

Do the tourist-y thing at Yonge and Dundas Square. Considered “Toronto’s Times Square,” this flashy, buzzing intersection is the epicenter of the city. Make your way over here and spend the afternoon grazing in the Toronto Eaton Centre, catching a flick at the AMC Cinema there and grabbing a scenic drink on one of the area’s rooftop patios (the one at Jack Astor’s has the best view).

Catch a performance. Toronto is home to an abundance of places to see a good show, from dance to theatre to music. See what’s playing at The National Ballet of Canada or one of the city’s many theatres.

And if sports are more your thing, see who’s playing tonight. This city is constantly hosting baseball, basketball and hockey games, so whatever season you’re visiting in, find out where you can catch Toronto’s team in action.

Bring your night to a close at the waterfront. Toronto boasts a beautiful waterfront that can be enjoyed whether you’re in the east or west end. Head south from wherever you are and you’ll eventually find yourself at the water’s edge. Sit back and relax, and enjoy your final moments in the 6ix.

With love,
Cosimo Commisso

Brazil through Cosimo Commisso’s Eyes

Rich in culture and beauty, I always find it hard to tear myself away from Brazil. If you seek a vacation destination that isn’t your average tropical getaway, Brazil is a country that has it all: breathtaking landscapes, buzzing city life, serene country experiences and, of course, an inherent love for a certain sport! This video captures just a peek at life in Brazil, which is full of a zest so infectious you’ll leave feeling like a true Brazilian yourself! 

With love,
Cosimo Commisso

A Week Down Under Australia with Cosimo Commisso

Cosimo Commisso shares his personal itinerary for making the most out of a week in Australia

Australia is enormous — which, unfortunately, makes it absolutely impossible to see it all in one week! But if you’re craving a trip Down Under and only have one week, fear not: even if you only get to see one or two cities, you’ll have a truly memorable time. If this is your first visit to Australia, I’d recommend devoting your trip to experiencing its capital, Sydney, where there’s so much to do and see.


Combat your jet lag with a nap and/or a jolt of caffeine — and if you find you’re still tired but still have a full day ahead of you, don’t sweat it. The Aussies are generally a laid-back bunch, so just go with their naturally relaxed flow!

I like to take this first day easy, so I spend my time exploring the Circular Quay, the Sydney Opera House and The Rocks. All of this can be done at a leisurely pace, so you’re soaking in Sydney’s essence without having to expel too much energy!

Sydney Opera House


Invest this day in seeing the most iconic landmarks of Sydney. If it’s your first time, you’ll want to check out places like the Sydney Tower, where you’ll get a primo view of the city from up top. Wildlife lovers should stop by the Taronga Zoo (kangaroos and koalas!), Sydney Aquarium or the Featherdale Wildlife Park — although you should note that the latter is about an hour and a half’s drive from the heart of the city.

Sydney is also home to an array of world-class museums, such as the Australian Museum, the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Powerhouse Museum and the Hyde Park Barracks Museum.

Sydney Aquarium


Now that you’ve checked off the downtown must-sees, spend your third day out of town at the Blue Mountains, an incredible national park where you can soak in Australia’s unique landscape. Ask your concierge about transportation options to and from the renowned area.

Blue Mountains Australia


The fourth day is cruise day. It’s easy to find and book a day cruise that sounds best to you, but I highly recommend checking out Captain Cook Cruises — they offer a wide variety of different trips, my favourite being the sunset one.

Before or after your day (or night) on the water, be sure to complement the experience by heading to the Sydney Fishmarket, which is one of the three best fish markets in the world.

Captain Cook Cruises <


It’s wine time. If you know anything about me, it’s that Cosimo Commisso loves a good wine. And Australia is known for producing some of the world’s finest! Spend your fifth day on a wine tour — I’d recommend Australian Pacific Tours’ trek to the Hunter Valley. If by the end of it you’re still sober enough to function, I’d recommend taking the ferry to Manly Island, then cabbing to the renowned Kiosk restaurant, where you’ll enjoy a waterside view that’s as lovely and as laid-back as the menu.

Manly island sydney


I’d recommend spending your last full day relaxing, since you undoubtedly have a long journey ahead of you. Catch your breath at Bondi Beach, where you can swim, suntan, surf, watch skateboarders or enjoy sculptures. Find inspiration with a romantic walk through the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. Rejuvenate with an adventure through Darling Harbour. When your day is drawing to a close, make sure the grand finale of your trip is a good one — I always opt for a scenic dinner at a restaurant overlooking the harbour (there are many), which will send you home with a dreamy, postcard-like image of Sydney in your head.

Bondi beach sydney
Happy travels, mate!

With love,
Cosimo Commisso

Mountains and Modern Architecture Aerials

One of the most wonderful things about living in this day and age is that we get to savour nature’s ancient beauty as well as our ever-evolving metropolises. As we rush through the 21st century, fixed between past and future, remember to pause and take a look around you. No matter where you are you’ll find beauty — be it a shimmering city, a charmed old town or a vibrant, untouched landscape. You can start with this video. Featuring a series of serene aerial views of cities, valleys and everything in between, it’s a one-minute reminder to be still and take in everything our world has to offer.

With love,
Cosimo Commisso

48 hours in Montreal with Cosimo Commisso

Cosimo Commisso shares the must-try itinerary for when you only have two days in this Canadian hot spot

Montreal is a popular weekend getaway not only for Canadians but also for international travellers. Iconic in its history-steeped charm, unique French identity and endless options for things to do, Montreal is something every jet-setter must cross off their lists. When you visit, be sure to stop by these landmarks for a true French-Canadian experience.

Fairmount Bagel

Besides its poutine, Montreal’s cuisine scene is known for its bagels. Fairmount Bagel has handcrafted the round delicacies since 1919, and its products are legendary. Stop by for a Cosimo Commisso-approved morning treat, or snag a whole bag to take home.

Fairmount Bagel

Mount Royal

For the best view of the city, you can hike, bike or drive up to one of the lookouts on Mount Royal. This small mountain overlooks all of Montreal and the scene from up above is absolutely breathtaking. To avoid crowds of tourists, opt for a breakfast picnic or a romantic starlit date.

Schwartz’s Deli

This deli — the oldest in Canada — serves up world-famous smoked meat sandwiches. It’s so famous it’s even inspired a play, Schwartz’s: The Musical. If that’s not enough to get you to stop by, I don’t know what is.

Schwartz’s Deli


Vieux-Montréal, or Old Montreal, may be one of the busiest tourist spots in the city but it’s always worth a visit — even if you’ve been there a thousand times. The cobblestone streets and old-world architecture will transport you to a charming European neighbourhood. Secure a spot on a patio and sip some sangria after shopping its unique boutiques.


Notre-Dame Basilica

No matter how religious you are this historic church is an absolute must-see. Its Gothic Revival architecture will take your breath away, as will the overwhelming sense of serenity that lives inside. Visit it to culturally invigorate your Montreal experience.

Notre-Dame Basilica

Happy exploring!

Pio Cesare “Fides” Barbera d’Alba D.O.C. 2013

Cosimo Commisso shares one of his latest favourites from a sprawling Italian winery

This sprawling winery in Alba, Italy, has been around since 1881, and while it has greatly expanded since — it now consists of over 130 acres of vineyard in the area — it hasn’t lost its old-time winemaking traditions that instill its every bottle with authentic Italian taste and craftsmanship. The integrity behind the brand alone is enough to make this winery Cosimo Commisso-approved, but the wine itself is something you can’t afford to miss.

Cosimo Commisso in Italian winery

My favourite selection from Pio Cesare is the “Fides” Barbera d’Alba D.O.C. 2013, which one wine critic has claimed to be “perhaps the greatest Fides ever made.” He’s not kidding: this sumptuous elixir bursts with the essence of fresh, ripe fruit and boasts depth and harmonious flavours. It is crafted from the grapes from Pio Cesare’s “Colombaro” vineyard near the famous Ornato Estate in Serralunga d’Alba. “Fides” is Latin for “faith and trust” — a fitting name for the wine, since it took the Pio family quite the leap of faith and trust to plant Barbera in a vineyard, where a great Barolo could have been produced instead. All I can say is that the wine lovers of the world are glad they took that leap.

With love,
Cosimo Commisso

Canadian jewels: Toronto, Montreal and Niagara Falls

This country is like a glimmering crown embedded with a series of jewels, each one unique but just as beautiful as the rest. Toronto, Montreal and Niagara Falls are three of Canada’s most prominent gems, each with their own personality: Toronto with its hip mishmash of cultures, Montreal with its history-steeped beauty and Niagara Falls with its powerful natural landscape and atmosphere of endless fun.

With love,
Cosimo Commisso

Eating Farm Fresh with Cosimo Commisso

Buying local is more than just a fad. By purchasing your fruits, veggies and other scrumptious goods from the farmer’s market in your town or city, not only are you treating yourself to the freshness of homegrown treats (which always taste better than the imported stuff), but you are also supporting the farmers in and around your community.

With love,
Cosimo Commisso