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Truffles Season Q&A – Part 2

If you love truffles, then you have to add truffle hunting to your bucket list. Imagine learning how to find truffles from a truffle hunter as you walk through the woods, your senses heightened at the thought of tasting a decadent meal after being rewarded with finding the prize. In this series of blogs, Cosimo Commisso will share his passion for truffles and how to cook them, what wine to pair them with, and what restaurant to visit to taste truffle-based dishes.

8. The black truffle (tartufo nero) can instead be used in cooking. Can you share some recipes using black truffles?
  • Tagliatelle and Tartufo with seafood and egg noodles
  • Truffle mushroom pizza with fresh arugula (light summer dish).
9. Have you ever tried black tartufo gelato? Rome has some restaurants experimenting with this flavour.
Yes — Black Truffle Sabayon is a great summer dessert.
10. Describe a poignant memory of people cooking with truffles or being part of a truffle hunt. In Vancouver at Gippino Restaurant, in the company of Chef Pino and all his truffle creations — this was truly a night to remember.
11.What are some of your favourite restaurants that you recommend for tartufi-based dishes?
  • Vancouver – Gippino Restaurant
  • Rome – La Buvette
  • Rome - Tartufi & Friends
  • Montreal - Da Emma
  • Alba – La Locanda del Sant’Uffizio
  • Torino - Tartufi Bistrot
12. What wine would you pair with tartufo-based dishes?
  • Fiano d’Avellino — great with meat and white truffle
  • Barolo Baudana 2008 — great with a seafood dish
13. Would you suggest a different wine for the white and the black tartufo?
Yes, because they both have distinctive tastes and the acidity of the wines should complement each dish.
14. Describe the feeling of tasting a recipe that has the white truffle and the black truffle.
It was like nothing I have ever tasted. It added such a great flavour to a dish that I had made so many times before.
15. When was the first time you tasted truffles?
Growing up in Italy we were fortunate enough to have truffles at young age. I remember as a child my grandmother (who was the best chef in the world) would put tartufo on our eggs for breakfast.

Cosimo Commisso

Cosimo Commisso’s love for food started from an early age as he learned by his Grandmothers side. She did not have a fancy cooking school diploma on her wall, yet she was taught by her own Calabrese Grandma. Cosimo Commisso’s cooking skills have slowly but surely been perfected over the years so much so that this website is his first attempt to document and compile enough recipes for his first cooing book. Salute!